YCJGA Rules Contract

  1. Parent Interaction
    All parent/child interaction must take place AFTER a hole is completed. Parents are not permitted on tee boxes or greens. Parents are prohibited to talk to players regarding yardages, club selection, aiming points, layout of a hole etc. … Any parent/child breaking this rule will result in the player getting a warning. If a second interaction takes place, a one-stroke penalty will be assessed to the player. In the event a third breach of this rule occurs, the player will be disqualified and will be removed from the course.  We ALWAYS welcome encouragement to our players.
  1. Withdrawal Prior to a Tournament
    To change your status in a tournament, please leave a message with check-in at the scoreboard area during an event prior to withdrawal. If you have a last-minute change, CALL Tour Director, Mitchell Beattie at 223-205-8297. (We suggest you put this number in phone now).  If you do not show up for your tee time, you will not be allowed in your next scheduled event unless a parent can show just cause for the no-show.
  1. Withdrawal During a Tournament
    No player will be allowed to withdraw during a tournament unless there is a definite medical situation or just cause. Approval for a withdrawal can only come from the Tour Director. Under no circumstances should a player simply walk off the course because he/she is unhappy with his/her score, or for any reason other than illness. The penalty for an infraction of this rule will be that the player will not be permitted to play in his/her next scheduled tournament. The YCJGA takes a strong stance on this situation because we are committed to the safety of each player and the integrity of all scores, as well as the building of character in adverse situations.
  1. Arrival Time
    You should arrive at least 45 minutes before your tee time. If you are late for your tee time, you may not be allowed to play that day. Notify the Tournament Director immediately. Also, ALL PLAYERS must be at the first tee 10 minutes prior to your scheduled tee time.
  1. Dress Code
    The dress code is proper golf attire. Attire such as blue jeans, cut-off shorts, do-rags, tank tops, or tee shirts without collars are prohibited. Golf shoes with soft spikes or sneakers are required. Hats may NOT be worn backwards, and shirts must be tucked in (therefore a belt would be helpful). Golf shirts with mock necks may be worn. Any golfer breaching these rules will not be allowed to play that day.
  1. Event Rules
    All play is according to the USGA Rules of Golf. Unless conditions require otherwise ALL players will play the ball “as it lies” (summer rules)Laser Rangefinders (DISTANCE ONLY) and GPS devices (i.e. handheld GPS units and watches) will be allowed to assist players during their round. Cell phone apps WILL NOT be permitted. Anyone caught using a laser rangefinder with slope activated will be assessed a one stroke penalty.
  1. Cell Phones
    Cell phones should be off and are not allowed to be used during the round, unless to contact officials for a rules decision or emergency situation.
  1. Speed of Play
    Always play “ready golf” and keep up with the group in front. Our goal is 4 hour and 15-minute rounds. Slow players will be given a warning. If a rules official talks to you a second time, the player will be assessed a one stroke penalty for the first offense and a two-stroke penalty for subsequent offenses during a tournament.
  1. Etiquette
    Any unsportsmanlike conduct, including loud/abusive language or throwing of any equipment, will not be tolerated. All tournaments will be “tobacco-free” (including parents) regardless of player age. All players must respect the course, their playing partners and tournament officials. Any player breaching these rules will be assessed a two-stroke penalty for the first offense and will be disqualified for the second offense in a tournament. All ball marks should be repaired, and divots filled.
  1. Caddies, Carts and Spectators
    Caddies are not permitted in regular tour events. Pull/pushcarts will be allowed for all divisions. Spectators must observe players from a distance of 30 yards and may not walk the fairways, keep score for a player, offer advice or interpret rules. Parents may help search for errant shots. Any player who has finished his/her round may be a spectator but must follow the same rules. Golf carts for spectators are rented at the course’s discretion. Players may NOT ride in a cart during any tournament. Only when EVACUATING a course during severe weather or when a designated volunteer is transporting from a green to the next tee is a player allowed to ride in a cart. Failure to comply to the cart rule will result in immediate disqualification.
  1. Scores
    All players are responsible for a correct scorecard, which must include the player’s and scorer’s signatures. The scorer is responsible for the accuracy of the player’s scores. All strokes must be counted, and honesty is expected at all times. Penalties can vary from additional strokes to disqualification in the present tournament or expulsion from all events. This is entirely up to the Tournament Director and the YCJGA Board. Frequent observations will be made by adult officials of all players. Players must wait by the scoreboard until the score is posted.
  1. Weather Policy
    Safety is our utmost concern. When thunderstorms, lightning or extreme heat are forecast or simply occur, parents should check our Facebook page and ycjgatour.com for event cancellations. A weather delay of more than 60 minutes will likely cancel the rest of the event. If all players in a division have played more than 9 holes, but fewer than 18, the tournament will be scored as a 9-hole tournament. If all players in a division have not completed 9 holes, the tournament will be declared a “no contest”. DURING SUSPENSION OF PLAY, PLAYERS WILL BE DIRECTED TO MOVE INDOORS IMMEDIATELY, AND NO ONE MAY LEAVE THE SAFETY AREA. In the event of a cancellation, refunds of greens fees will be made at the end of the season.

I have read and acknowledge the consequences of any rules violations for the 2024 YCJGA events.

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