YCJGA Scholarship Application

YCJGA 2024 Scholarship Application

Instructions: All questions on the application are required. If you prepared ahead and are going to be copy/pasting from Word or other text document, please understand that all stylization like italics or bolding will be removed. Before clicking SUBMIT, be sure to review all the information you entered for accuracy, spelling, grammar, etc. and specifically your contact info and email address.


  • For long-form inputs, you are able to click and drag the lower right corner to expand the input area.
  • Please do not begin unless you are able to finish and submit in one session as your form entries are not saved.
  • Do not refresh your browser or hit the back button. Your form entries are not saved until submission.
  • Remember to check your email (and junk/spam folder) for your application confirmation and full list of your entries/answers/responses.