9-Hole Orange Division


Boys and girls ages 8 - 13 as of June 1, 2024. 9-hole Division plays from the red tees (or closer depending on the hole).

During registration you will be asked to check four (4) "Agreements" boxes.
By checking the boxes, you are agreeing to and signing the following documents:

You are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to read and download a copy of these documents prior to completing your registration.

Please check the tour event dates for which the player is committed to participating.

EX: Dover High School, 2024

Parent/Guardian Information

The following fields ARE REQUIRED if player is under age 18 as of June 12, 2023, and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED even if player is age 18.

Enter if player under age 18 on June 12th.

Please enter all contact information for all parents/guardians who may be responsible for player during the tour.
EX: Mother, Sue Smith, 717-555-1212; Father, John Doe, 717-234-5678; Aunt, Jenny Johnson, 717-867-5309

Emergency Contact Information

All players are required to have a non-parental emergency contact. The following field are required.


***IMPORTANT*** All boxes must be checked to process registration. By checking the box, you are digitally signing the agreements.